Utah Epoxy Garage Floor

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Benefits of an Epoxy Garage Floor

Floor coatings are popular in both residential and commercial areas and are used in interior and exterior areas alike. Out of all the locations and areas we service, we spend most of our time in garages. A garage is a perfect place to apply a concrete epoxy coating. Below explains a few of the multiple advantages of having an epoxy garage floor.


An epoxy garage floor transforms a cold concrete garage into a warm and inviting space, it truly brings the character of your home into the garage. Epoxies are available in an endless amount of colors. You can also add texture, like an epoxy flake or sand, to enhance the look and feel of the space. By applying an epoxy, the garage can finally be aesthetically pleasing and designed to make the eye smile.


Garage epoxy floors are durable and made to last. Our product can take the most and heaviest types of traffic and still maintain its sheen and gloss. Cars, machinery, pressure washers, nor shoveling will affect or harm the strong durable coating.

Be careful if you are attempting a DIY project. Local hardware stores usually sell a garage epoxy or paint. These resins are not up to industrial or commercial standards and tend to wear easier. Unfortunately, they require maintenance and have to be reapplied at least every year, if not sooner.

Stain Resistant

Garage epoxy floors are resistant to any and all staining. No more worrying about stains from oil, auto fluid, salt, or chemical spills. The epoxy sealant is waterproof and will not absorb any harmful liquid which causes staining. The epoxy aesthetics will remain true and clean.

Easy to Clean

If something spills or if you’ve just neglected to clean the garage for awhile then don’t panic. Epoxy garages are easy to clean. All you have to do is bust out the hose and snag a squeegee and the entire garage with be clean within minutes. No more scrubbing or hours of pressure washing.

Timely Solution

Applying an epoxy to a garage is quick and easy. It’s usually a three-day process.

  • Day 1: Cleaning the Flooring Surface
  • Day 2: Applying the Epoxy
  • Day 3: Applying the Sealant Coats

After the three-day process, we usually recommend waiting at least 48 hours before walking or driving on the floor.
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