Utah Concrete Sealer

How Durable is Concrete Alone?

It is a fact that untreated concrete will deteriorate and ruin over time. Concrete is an absorbent porous material which breaths and soaks in moisture and salt. The majority of all concrete deterioration and damages comes from moisture. The moisture creates various structural and aesthetic problems. Throughout the seasons, concrete is exposed to various harsh conditions. The temperature changes and freezing and thawing periods also breakdown and destroy concrete. Concrete should not be left untreated and must be sealed and protected by applying a concrete sealer.

The 411 on Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealer is a compound which is applied to concrete creating a permanent protective, strong, and durable coating. The concrete sealer acts as an additional layer which prevents moisture and other elements from passing. A concrete sealer waterproofs your cement and protects your investment. Also, a concrete sealer hardens your concrete and strengthens its pounds per square inch (PSI). Some concrete sealers include a concrete stain for aesthetic purposes, and others are clear, merely for protective purposes only. Concrete sealers can come with a matte or glossy finish. The glossy finish is the most popular, giving a wet and clean look. Concrete sealers are chemically resistant which is great for kitchens and residential spaces. Besides kitchens, concrete sealers are great for: bathrooms, patios, porches, driveways, garages, warehouses, airplane hangers, and all large industrial and commercial areas.

Do I need a Concrete Sealer?

Without a Utah concrete sealer your concrete is susceptible to the element with cause fast erosion, cracking, and early concrete replacement. Untreated concrete will let moisture pass, encouraging the growth of moss and mold. Without a Utah concrete sealer, your concrete is exposed to scuffing, staining, and chipping. Reduce the risks of cracking and water damages and protect your investment by contacting DEF. Let us provide you with a FREE concrete sealer analysis and quote. Your concrete is meant to last, protect it and call DEF today to maximize its potential.