Utah Acid Stain

What is Acid Stain?

Acid stain is a coloring process which permanently dyes and beautifies concrete. Unlike epoxy flooring, acid stain is not a paint. Acid stain consists of water, hydrochloric acid, and acid soluble metallic salts. The acid stain solution reacts to the already present minerals (hydrated lime or calcium hydroxide) found in the concrete. Once applied, the acid stain will lightly corrode or burn the top layer of concrete making it rough, allowing the acid stain to penetrate and color the concrete minerals creating a marble or mottled like look.

Benefits of Utah Acid Stain

Utah Acid staining is 100% unique. On every occurrence, acid stain reacts differently to concrete which causes a huge variation in the color patterns and intensity. Never expect acid stain to react identical from job to job or from slab to slab. The acid stain will be completely authentic and unique in every case, which makes the project distinctively yours.

Another great benefit of acid staining is that it is an affordable option, if not the most affordable. Hardwood, carpet, tile and other flooring materials can cost an arm and a leg. Not only do acid stained floors look attractive and appealing, but they are also attractive and appealing to your pocket book.

Once acid stain in applied to concrete, it is permanently dyed and will never chip or rub off.  If durability and shelf life is what you are looking for, then acid staining will not let you down, especially once you apply a concrete sealer. Acid stains are only found in about eight earth tones, usually ranging in tans, browns, terra cottas (reddish browns), and blue greens. Also, it is common to make your own shades by applying different layers of color which gives it a unique and custom feel. Acid stains work great on new and old concrete alike. Acid stains are very versatile and are used both for the interior as well as the exterior. Popular places to acid stain are: kitchens, bathrooms, basements, patios, driveways, showrooms, restaurants, and much more.

If you want a bolder color than earth tones then you are in luck. Concrete dyes are a water and solvent base solution which provides endless colors, including vivid reds, oranges, yellows, and purples.

Concrete Dyes

For designers and those of you who love a pop of color, then the combination of acid stains and concrete dyes is a match made in heaven. Acid stain alone can only go so far when considering color options, but once adding concrete dyes the color wheel is completely open and yours to run with. Concrete dyes offer more vibrant fun colors. Acid stains and concrete dyes really go hand in hand.

A benefit of concrete dye is that it penetrates the concrete and dries in a matter of a few minute. Also, they are reasonably easier and cleaner to work with compare to acid stains. Due to this, a concrete dye project is about 50% faster than a standard acid stain project. The minimal dry time, ease of cleaning, and color options makes concrete dyes very attractive to combined with acid stains.

Utah Acid Stain with DEF

DEF actively uses both Utah acid stains and Utah concrete dyes. Because we utilize both solutions, we offer endless amounts of colors and layering techniques. We can design and implement whatever image you might have in mind. Contact us today to get your FREE acid stain analysis and quote. We can’t wait to beautify your space!