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Design Epoxy Flooring, known as DEF, takes pride in flooring Utah and in flooring Salt Lake City. We strive to excel above all other flooring Utah companies by constantly being educated and on top of new flooring solutions, products, and techniques. We specialize in the following flooring Utah applications: epoxy flooring, acid stain, concrete sealer, and deck waterproofing.

Utah Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a designers and contractors best friend. They provide a great way to add a bit of personality and flare to a standard space. Epoxy flooring is probably the most popular flooring Utah product in which DEF applies. Epoxies are best known for their protection and durability. Most common in garages, epoxy flooring is stain and scratch resistant. No more worrying about grease and oil stains. With an epoxy flooring, you are insuring your concrete will last as well as look great.

Utah Acid Stain

Acid stains put a splash of style into space. Flooring Utah in both residential and commercial areas can be thanked acid stains. An acid stain can easily be used on any concrete area, ranging from kitchens, countertops, bathrooms, basements, restaurants, showrooms, sidewalks, and driveways. All concrete should have some type of design and protection. Acid stains are a great way to flooring Utah. One of the benefits of achieving our main goal in flooring Utah is that acid stains are an affordable flooring solution. An acid stain not only beautifies concrete but it is also a beauty on your finances.

Utah Concrete Sealer

For those of you who want to protect and preserve the natural look and design of concrete are in need of a concrete sealer. Concrete sealer’s main purpose is to protect and waterproof, keeping moisture and harmful molds from deteriorating and cracking your concrete. All flooring Utah applicants use some type of sealant or sealer to protect the final flooring finishes. A concrete sealer is a must for flooring Utah.

Utah Deck Water Proofing

How can you enjoy an outdoor space when you are concerned about rotting, eroding, splinters, and slivers. Nobody likes a deck or balcony that is rough and rigid and is preparing an all you can handle splinter and sliver fest. Decks, balconies, gazebos, and any other outdoor structure need to be protected. DEF specializes in balcony and deck waterproofing. Moisture ruins and wrecks havoc on all types of Utah flooring. Waterproofing wood and concrete sealers are a must for flooring Utah. You need to be able to enjoy your outdoor living space!

If you have any type of concrete or outdoor living space then it needs to be protected and beautified, as does all flooring Utah materials do. Contact DEF today to get a FREE quote. Our goal in flooring Utah is that concrete and outdoor living spaces need to last, protect, and at the same time look great!

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