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Design Epoxy Flooring, known as DEF, is located in Utah at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountain Wasatch Front. We have been flooring Salt Lake City and flooring Utah for almost a decade. We provide flooring solutions for the entire state of Utah. The majority of our work can be found on the Wasatch Front, specifically in: Salt Lake County, Utah County, and the Park City region. Flooring Salt Lake City has been difficult at times due to its harsh climate and random weather patterns. The challenge of flooring Salt Lake City is that you never know what to expect.

Salt Lake Climate

Flooring Salt Lake City can be a struggle due to the ever so changing climate. Salt Lake City is situated in between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. The city experiences all four seasons. The Salt Lake climate is extreme in heat and cold. In the summer, it frequently reaches above 100 degrees and is very hot. While in the winters, it is cold and very snowy, frequently being under freezing temperatures. Rarely does the city receive a high amount of precipitation. While enduring the seasons and extreme weather conditions, DEF continues to diligently strive in flooring Salt Lake City.

Flooring Salt Lake City Perks

Utah is constantly evolving. More and more large size companies want a presence in Utah due to its stable economy, bringing a steady growth in jobs, families, and homes. DEF enjoys flooring Salt Lake City and welcoming the new homes and families to our beautiful state and city.

The state of Utah is always ranked among the top states for the amount of entrepreneurial start up companies.  In flooring Salt Lake City, we love assisting new companies to bring to life their aspirations and dreams of their new office space. Epoxy flooringacid stain, and concrete sealer all make for a perfect industrial, modern, and contemporary feel. Whatever your desires may be, DEF can assist you in flooring Salt Lake City and your new area. Contact us today to receive a FREE quote.

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